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Client Announcements:

David Morris Parson has been invited to read from his book manuscript, The Divorce Comedy, at The One Page Salon, an event to be held in Austin, Texas, August 2015.
Click here for info about One Page Salon!

"...Belair's poems make space for collecting and recollecting, sensing and seeking. Like exhibits in an airy but intimate museum, his images accrue: a barn broom shaped by use; a fruit vendor's collapsed umbrella; sidewalk tables; park lamps..." Jody Bolz of Poet Lore.
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Poet Paul Watsky's latest poetry manuscript Walk-Up Music was recently featured as a Kirkus Recommended Review.

Click here to read the review of Walk-Up Music

Click here to buy a copy of Walk-Up Music on Amazon.
Click here to buy a copy of Walk-Up Music at Barnes & Noble.

Short story writer and novelist Robert Kerbeck will be appearing at the Willow Review Spring 2015 issue launch to read an excerpt from his short story "Beta Brothers."

When: April 23 @ 7:00 PM
Where: College of Lake County
For more informaton about the readng, click here.
Robert Kerbeck's Author Website

We all wonder if we would do the right thing if called upon...even if it meant risking our own lives and sense of self. In THE BONE BRIDGE: A Brother’s Story, author Yarrott Benz is forced to deal with extraordinary self-sacrifice. This is the harrowing account of teenage brothers, as different as night and day, trapped together in a dramatic medical dilemma—a modern miracle and a modern nightmare.
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Blotterature recently reviewed Watching the Perseids, the latest book of poems by poet Jed Myers, and interviewed the poet behind the book, himself.

For more information about Jed, his poetry, and his upcoming events, please visit his website.

Read The Interview Here
Read The Review Here
Buy Watching the Perseids

Donnelle McGee's book of poems, "NAKED," is now available on Amazon!

"Part elegy, part memoir, part early-stage movie script, Naked takes the reader into a specific time and place from Donnelle McGee's life and connects us to his origins. McGee is a confessional poet for today, unflinching but not distant, self-aware but not self-absorbed. He doesn't shy away from hard terrain; instead, he forces the reader to see what he's seen, feel what he's felt, and mourn what he's lost. Along the way, we all experience the singular exhilaration that stems from beating the odds. McGee's voice is distinctive, his poems are engaging, his story is riveting."
Buy NAKED now on Amazon!

The Forge Winter 2015 issue features an interview with Mark Belair, in addition to some of his poetry. Congrats, Mark!
Check out his poetry!

Lenny Levine will be appearing at Bethel Public Library on Wednesday, January 28, from 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.

Join the Bethel community for Song and Story with Lenny Levine!

This program is for adults and young adults.
Registration is required.
Location: Library's Maria Parloa Community Room
Register Here
Visit Lenny's Website

Congratulations to Lisa Harris on the debut of her newest novel, Allegheny Dream, and on her WVIA radio interview about its release!
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Visit Lisa's website.

Congratulations to Mark Belair! His poem "Shadow Casting," which was initially published in Riprap 36, has been nominated for the Pushcart Anthology.
Visit Mark's website
Read Mark's poem here!

Congratulations to Ree Davis on her nomination of "A Terrible Energy" for the 2014 Best of the Web!
Visit Ree's author website

Gwendolyn Jensen's second poetry collection, As if toward Beauty, has just been released by Birch Brook Press.
Purchase As if toward Beauty here!
Visit Gwendolyn's website here!

Congratulations to Jon Pearson on being nominated for the 2014 Million Writers Award for his story "Cigarettes In Heaven" which appeared in the Summer 2013 issue of Carve Magazine.
Read Jon's story here!

Congrats to client Robert Kerbeck for getting two of his short stories published! You can read "Beta Brothers" in the most recent issue of Willow Review and "Shiny Unhappy People" in the most recent issue of The Tower Journal.
Visit Robert Kerbeck's author website

Lenny Levine will be reading at the C.H. Booth Library on Saturday, June 28th at 2:00p.m.!

The C.H. Booth Library is located at 25 Main Street, Newtown, CT.
Click here for event details!

Hurrah! Carl Auerbach's poem, "The Goddess of Remarriage," was nominated by Brink for the Pushcart Prize.
Read The Nominated Work Here.

Let's give a standing ovation to Paula Bernett! Her poem, "Piano Lesson," was nominated for a Pushcart Prize by Schuylkill Valley Journal.

Three cheers for Mary Bess Dunn! Her story, "Under A Different Sun," has been nominated by Gertrude Press for the Pushcart Prize!
Read Her Story.

Tara Hall announces the release of her e-book SURRENDER TO ME, a novel about a former aristocrat turned lowly vampire who encounters another potential victim—the difference this time is he falls in love. Buy Now!

She’s also happy that “The Origin of Fear,” a story about four college friends who mount an expedition to an abandoned island estate infamous for mysterious deaths, can be found in SPELLBOUND 2011. Check It Out!
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Check It Out!

Andrey Gritsman co-hosts the Intercultural Poetry Series at Cornelia Street Cafe.
Read Poetry
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Robert C. Hargreaves’ e-book, Mr. Bob the Chicken Engineer, is now available on Kindle. Few Americans have ever worked and lived at the village level in Viet Nam. Bob's ticket into the villages was chickens.
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Dennis Must's story QUEEN ESTHER appears in Michigan State University's recent Red Cedar Review, a retrospective that celebrates 45 years of literary and artistic contributions selected from over 244 issues, commencing with Volume 1, 1963. The piece originally ran in Volume 35 Issue 2, 2000.

Tropical Depression, by Rosary Hartel O'Neill, is a romantic woman's novel that tells the story of a wealthy student/housewife who runs off with a college professor only to be caught by a hurricane in a Louisiana swamp. The book is only $2.99!
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Alan Meyrowitz participated in a poetry reading at the Manayunk Arts Center in Pennsylvania. The event was held to mark the publication of the Spring 2011 issue of the SCHUYLKILL VALLEY JOURNAL, which included Alan's poem, "You Are No Sentimentalist."

WILD MERCY, a poetry collection by Donna Emerson (Finishing Line Press, 2011). 'WILD MERCY is nature and family' a dovetail of relationships that merge and separate: girlhood to parenthood, to the frailties of age, and hospital rooms. Emerson's poetry awakens our memories of family, experience, loss. The first horse ride, a late pregnancy, an old barn, a river and dance with I.V. in tow. Liberally sprinkled with unexpected images, these are lovely poems to savor and then read again? - CB Follett (author of And Freddie Was My Darling). Order now and reserve a copy!
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Robert Guard's poem,”Ghostwriter,” recently appeared in Amoskeag. Robert writes: “So here I am paging through my comp copy of Amoskeag, checking out the work, and I come across a small poem by Donald Hall. And I start to notice that there are a lot of really good poets in the book. I look in back at the contributors list and there are bios with Pushcart Prizes and National Endowments for the Arts grants. And I am truly humbled. Really. Do I belong in here with these poets? Well, I am here. And my friends at Writer's Relief keep telling me I'm good, so hey, who am I to argue?”

Let's hear it for Rosalia Scalia whose poem "You'll Do Fine" has been selected by Willow Review as one of the Willow Review Award recipients for the Spring 2011 issue!

The editors at Willow Review have chosen Sr. Elizabeth Wagner's poem "Goldenrod Days" as one of the Willow Review Award recipients for the Spring 2011 issue! Congratulations, Sr. Elizabeth!

Tracy DeBrincat's novel Hollywood Buckaroo recently received the 2011 Big Moose Fiction Prize and will be published by Black Lawrence Press. Her story Badass was awarded the 2011 Tusculum Review Prize. Her debut story collection, Moon Is Cotton & She Laugh All Night (Subito Press) was a finalist for a 2011 Next Generation Indie Book Award.
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Alice Pero founded and hosts the prestigious reading, "Moonday" in Village Books, Pacific Palisades, CA, with readings on the second Monday of every month. Check out monthly features at the "Moonday" website.
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Andrey Gritsman has been nominated by Cervená Barva Press for the William Carlos Williams Award sponsored by the Poetry Society of America. Andre is also a featured poet in Connotation Press's Issue IV, Volume II.
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Anthony J. Mohr has co-authored California Paralegal Manual: Civil Trials and Evidence, which was just published by Thomson Reuters.
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Christy Ferrato has been nominated by Minnetonka Review for the Best New Poets (2010) anthology and was nominated for The Pushcart Prize.

Don't Let Go [by Gay Baines] is a collection of poems that has a little bit of everything: the countryside, the village, and the city, particularly Buffalo, NY. Buffalo is in part urban, part pastoral, a place where one never forgets that nature invades everywhere, sometimes in glory, sometimes in turmoil. In this wonderful collection, the author questions the existence of "Peace" after four wars. Meanwhile, inhibitions run wild in "The Rapturous Grass." One day in "November 1944," tragedy strikes when least expected. Readers can find other memorable poetic pieces as they immerse in Don't Let Go.
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Read a new profile of writer Joanne Weck in the NEA's This Active Life magazine. Also, her story "Hitchhiker" won first prize in the Literary Magic Online Journal Conest! Go Joanne!
This Active Life
Literary Magic

Loren Stephens has been selected to be a member of the Advisory Board of “Memoir and,” a northern California based literary journal.

Pamela Davis was a semi-finalist for the Pablo Neruda Award (Nimrod) for "Wallow Variations and others," a finalist for the Arts & Letters Prize ("Les Vieilles" and others), and an International Publication Prize Winner for "Nobody's Business But Ours” from the Atlanta Review. Go Pamela!

Kathleen Glassburn, the managing editor of The Writer’s Workshop Review, announces the latest issue of WWR, which features work by Annie Proulx, Robin Curtiss, and more.
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Patricia Faith Polak’s poem "Some Irreparable Loss" (published by Southern Humanities Review in 2009) has been chosen as the opening poem for the SHR’s new podcast series. Visit the site to hear Patricia’s poem!
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A feature about writer Donnelle McGee appears in the Santa Clara Weekly. Go Donnelle!
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PRAIRIE DOG BLUES, a novel by Mark Conkling (Sunstone Press, February 2011). PRAIRIE DOG BLUES burrows into the human condition and into that misty spiritual place between animals and people, a story revealing tragedy, comedy, and drama, lighting up the struggle of living with others. Buffeted by an unseen spirit of nature, an Albuquerque family fights, suffers, grows, and transforms, as prairie dogs scamper up out of their holes and affect each one.
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Writer's Relief thanks George Scott for the wonderful write-up about Writer's Relief on his Web site! He writes: "Don’t despair, for help is available. Quite capable help in the form of www.WritersRelief.com. They have excellent and affordable services. They helped me to publish the two literary short stories...that are excerpted on this blog, and I’m sure they’ll help me with my future work."
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